EV Charger Time-Of-Use (TOU) Program


Apply for the Time-Of-Use Program (TOU) to save money while charging your Electric Vehicle (EV)! When you program your EV charger to  charge your EV during the program time duration of 10pm to 7am, a discount will be applied to your billing rate. This deters charging during peak hours when electricity is in high demand.  To help relieve stress on the electric infrastructure system, there will be a penalty rate added to the regular billing rate if charging occurs outside of the program time duration.  Although emergency load shed events are not imminent, this program is meant to curtail power use during peak hours.

Terms and Conditions

  • Available only to residential customers.
  • Available only for level II charger.
  • A rebate of $325 for a charger with full battery EV, and $215 rebate for a plug-in hybrid.
  • Off-peak rates are currently 10pm to 7am daily for discounted EV Rate. Any power used at the off-peak time would be subject to a discount.
  • Peak Premium Rates from 7am to 10pm with added charge. Any power used at the peak time would be subject to a premium.
  • All rates are subject to change.
  • Will require investment in a separate meter. Currently priced at $300 (75% of the meter cost), subject to change as meter costs change.
  • A residential EV meter will come off the main panel and feed to an EV subpanel or receptacle dedicated for EV feeds.


 Select one of the following to apply:

Online Application Form

Printable  Mail-In Application

Customer Process

  1. Customer is required to install 200-amp by-pass meter socket to feed EV charger only, which requires electric permit. Send copy with  application.  
  2. Customer will get signed final approval from approved electric inspection. Send copy with application.
  3. Customer will complete Application for EV Charger Time-Of-Use Program (page 1).   
  4. Customer will purchase the EV meter from AMU and pay $100 Grid fee. Make fees payable to the City of Anoka and reference the customer’s name and installation address. Pay one of two ways:  
    1.  Mail to the address of:
      Anoka City Hall
      Attn:  EV TOU Program
      2015 First Avenue
      Anoka, MN 55303
    2. Pay over the phone for a small phone fee. See our Rate Sheet (PDF) for current Convenience fee on non-present  
        payment charges. Call the city's Finance Receptionist at 763-576-2700 to make an "EV TOU Program 
        Payment" with your name and reference to the installation address. Make sure to submit the application by 
        mail if you pay over the phone.
  5. Return signed and completed application and all supplemental documentation and required payments to Anoka City Hall. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  6. Upon approval, schedule a time to disconnect power at the project site to install the new EV Time-Of-Use (TOU) meter.  To schedule, use our Disconnection of Power Scheduling Form  on our website or call 763-576-2903.
  7. Optional: Apply for EV Charger Rebate. See rebate application for rules & restrictions and how to apply.

EV Charger Rebate Program

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